• 06Jun

    Comparison of Blender and SL poses

    It’s done! I am pleased to present to you, SL Animation for Blender Newbs. It’s 6 pages long, with pictures. It might take you maybe 30 minutes or so to follow along, I’m guessing. If you have any feedback (e.g. suggestions or praise), leave a comment on any of the pages.


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  • 05Jun

    I’ve been banging away on a tutorial, called SL Animation for Blender Newbs. It’s a gentle introduction to the SL animation exporter, with just enough Blender-fu to get you started. And it has pictures! It’s about 80% done right now; I’m hoping to have it finished up tomorrow or the next day. So, mark your calendars and all that. *4AM head-desk-bonk*


  • 02Jun

    Comparison of Blender and SL poses

    A new revision (2008-06-02) of the Animation Exporter is available. This revision is mostly UI changes to improve usability, especially for new users who have not mastered Blender’s UI yet. The new layout will also scale better to different screen sizes.

    [Update Dec 15: PLEASE NOTE: If you get an error about a missing pickle, you will need to install Python.]

    Here’s the revision log:

    • Changed window layout to be grouped more logically.
    • Panel headers are now at the top, as is standard in most UIs.
    • Moved the button toolbar to the Tweaking screen (Ctrl-Right).
    • Minor UI tweaks to the exporter script.
    • Auto-key is enabled by default. [Edit: Apparently this setting doesn't save with the file, so you'll have to enable it yourself.]
    • Removed mesh UV maps and materials to reduce file size.

    And a snapshot of the main view. Click to enlarge:

    Screenshot of the default view when the scene is loaded in Blender.


    P.S. I still deny that I’m maintaining this thing, despite all evidence. :P



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