• 24Jul

    Here’s the skinny: I’m looking to gather a small community of SL content creators of all types and experience levels. What for? To foster creativity and innovation in SL content, and have a good time doing it!

    • Get friendly feedback, tips, and suggestions about your works-in-progress!
    • Be inspired by seeing what other people are making!
    • Teach or attend workshops to hone your skills or broaden your horizons!
    • Challenge yourself and make the best content of your Second Life!
    • Meet interesting and creative new friends!

    More information and fewer sentences ending in exclamation marks, after the fold!

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  • 12Jun
    Musings Comments Off

    Gwyn’s summary of the Workshop on Communication, Education and Teaching has got me thinking about education, and reflecting on my past experiences as an Instructor in Second Life.

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  • 10Mar
    Adventures, Passions Comments Off

    Hey, you! I’m teaching a class about a weekly building topic of my choice! This week is the first ever session of the class (since I had to cancel last week’s), and I’m super excited!

    So what’s the topic this week? Aesthetic Lighting!

    Come learn the dos and don’ts of using Second Life’s local lighting feature to enhance the atmosphere of your builds!

    That sounds pretty friggin’ awesome to me! I’m especially looking forward to the opportunity to show people how to make glowing objects that don’t blind everyone in the room! (Yes, that’s right, I’m teaching a class on how to be a little subtle, ‘kay?)

    Come learn how to make pretty lights and avoid being a nuisance to society on Saturday March 10 from 6-7PM PST at NCI International! It’s free!


  • 03Mar

    Jacek battles her modem.

    I’ve been battling my cable modem for the past week and a half. It was getting into the habit of dropping my connection upwards of 80 times per day, so I’ve had to beat it into submission. It’s still a bit flakey, but not as bad as before.

    Unfortunately, this fiasco managed to prevent me from logging in to Second Life to teach my classes on Thursday and Friday—the first sessions of my new classes! Augh! I weep! My apologies to everyone who tried to attend—I can only assure you that only a situation of the most dire variety could keep me from my students! I have never missed teaching a class before—I know how frustrating it is when you show up for a class and wait around for half an hour with no sign of the instructor!

    Because I can’t be certain that my connection will be reliable, I have cancelled my Saturday class for this week. (I weep more!)

    I hope to be teaching again next week from March 8-10.

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  • 25Feb
    Adventures Comments Off

    Despite what you may see written on the restroom walls, I’m actually a very classy person!

    In fact, I’ve been teaching an Advanced Building class every week at NCI since September! And now I have exciting news: I’m offering 2 more classes per week, both on building-related topics! Come get yer extra learnin’, they’re all free to attend! Class descriptions after the fold!

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  • 11Feb
    Adventures Comments Off

    This afternoon at 3PM PST, I’m giving a 1-hour lecture and demo at the Shelter in Swinside! The topic is prim attributes—you know, things like Twist and Taper and Hole Size Thickness, which let you tweak a prim’s shape into a multitude of wootworthy shapes! If you haven’t been able to make it to my Friday evening classes at NCI, this is your chance. (I might start teaching at Swinside regularly, but only if enough people show up to be taught, so attend today!)

    Everybody should come at get some learnin’ in their brains about prim attributes! I offer my knowledges to you for free!

    And then you should stick around after the class, because at 4:30PM is the überfun Building Shelter contest, hosted by our favorite commodity, Coal Nelson! With the power of prim attributes unleashed, you can be sure that there will be some cool builds today!

    P.S. I’m going to try to think up a Not-A-Meme challenge for folks today. Stay tuned!


  • 12Nov

    Linden Lab recently announced that it would be ceasing the instructor subsidy program effective December 9—after that date, Linden Lab will no longer pay L$500 per class an Instructor teaches.

    Apparently, this both upset and surprised a number of instructors! To them, this is the latest in a series of moves by Linden Lab to destroy everything we used to love about Second Life.

    Me? I don’t really care. I have never requested any subsidy payments for my teaching. I don’t want hand-outs, and I’m not teaching as a favor to Linden Lab, so they can keep their money.

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