Getting a different perspective on things

Now that you’re all set up with Blender, it’s time to learn to use the camera. Like in SL, the camera in Blender lets you see the scene from different angles. You can spin around, zoom in, pan left/right/up/down, to focus your attention on the part that you want to work on:

A different view of the model.

The commands to use the camera in Blender are different from SL, though, and you’ll probably get confused between the two for a while. Here’s how you do it in Blender, assuming you set the options I showed you in the previous part of this tutorial:

  • Rotate: Middle mouse button (MMB) or Option+Mouse on Mac (but you probably already have a 3-button mouse if you’re serious, right?)
  • Zoom: Ctrl+MMB or mouse wheel
  • Pan: Shift+MMB

If you get lost, press Home, and you’ll focus back on the center of the scene.

Note: If you accidently press something and your camera perspective goes weird, congratulations, you discovered orthographic mode! Press 5 on the keypad to go back to normal perspective.

Orthographic Mode

Next: Posing the armature

Now that you’re CameraMaster 5000, I bet you’re dying to get your hands dirty posing that armature. Lucky for you, that’s what we’re doing next!

  1. Intro
  2. Getting set up
  3. Using the camera
  4. Posing the armature
  5. Working with keyframes
  6. Exporting for SL