• 10Aug

    Hot Squid-on-Warthog Action!

    We had a ton of fun at the Squidogram Relaunch Party yesterday! Check out the full set on Flickr!

    Want to get your hands/paws/hoofs/tentacles on your own Squidograms? You can buy them inworld at Cuddlefish Junction, or on SLX!

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  • 08Aug
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    Squidogram Promotional Image

    This Saturday, August 9, I’m putting Squidogram™ on the shelves again — forever!

    In case you missed it, Squidograms are an amusing gag-gift-slash-greeting-card that I sold this past Valentine’s Day. They’re sort of like a Candygram®, except instead of a box of candy, the recipient gets a talking squid sucking their face!

    The new Squidograms have all the charm of the original, but with fewer bugs and one much-requested new feature: the squid can now repeat the message whenever the recipient wishes! They also have a few funny new easter eggs, so keep an eye out for those. ;)

    I will hold a brief ribbon-cutting event Saturday at noon SLT at the new Cuddlefish Junction location in Dynamism, and then place the Squidograms for sale. Unlike the V-day squids, these will be available year-round—a squid for all occasions!

    Each Squidogram is just L$50, and will be available in 5-packs and 10-packs at a discount. And, to celebrate the return of Squidograms and the official reopening of Cuddlefish Junction, all items (including the Squidograms and the ever-enjoyable Bubble Ride) will be half-off regular price from noon Saturday until midnight!

    Drop in, say hello, see the giant octopus, and buy some Squidograms at half-off! Can a Saturday afternoon get much better than that? (I suggest to you that no, it cannot!)


  • 03Aug

    Squidogram in Progress


  • 15Mar
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    Don’t forget, we’re having a Bubble Party at Cuddlefish Junction today at 3PM and 9PM SLT, and everybody’s invited. I hope you will attend!


  • 14Mar
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    St. Patty’s Day Squid O’Graham

    Squidograms are back! A fresh stock of trained courier squids has just come in from off the coast of beautiful Ireland, and are ready for sale!

    Read all about it on the cuddlefishalicious Cuddlefish Junction blog, or just go and get some right now!

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  • 13Mar
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    Bubble Ride

    Looking for all the bubbly details about the new, soon-to-be released Cuddlefish Junction Bubble Ride? I can’t blame ya, so am I!

    Luckily, there are bloggy posts for just such an occasion! Here’s a bubbly teaser to pique your bubbly interest:

    Just give the bubble-maker horn a little squeeze, and out comes a giant soap bubble — hop on, and you’re swooped up by the wind, floating through the air and drifting over the world.

    And don’t forget to drop by Cuddlefish Junction this Saturday, March 15 at 3PM or 9PM SLT for the bubble launch parties!

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  • 08Mar
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    Woooo, bubble party, March 15 at 3PM and 9PM SLT!

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  • 14Feb

    Kissing Squidogram Multipacks

    Wowzers, Squidograms are selling like hotcakes! I guess people must like the slimy personal touch that comes with expressing your love via cephalopod courier! And really, who can blame them for that?

    Anyway, in response to the fantastic demand for squiddy action (see, I knew I wasn’t the only one!), and to save you guys from Repetitive Stress Injury in your mouse-clicking finger, I’ve set out Squidogram Multipacks! Now you can buy 5 or 10 Squidograms in one shot!

    But remember, these loverly Kissing Squidograms are only available through today! (Actually until whenever I wake up tomorrow morning/afternoon.)

    So tell that special someone how much they excite your neural fibers and make your chromatophores quiver and dilate with glee!

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  • 12Feb
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    ~CJ~ Squidogram

    Just a reminder for those hoping to send some squiddy action to their loved ones: I’ll be taking the special Valentine’s Day edition Kissing Squidogram off the shelves on Feb 15! You’ve only got a few days left to express your romantical feelings via kissing cephalopod, so you’d better drop by Cuddlefish Junction soon!

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  • 08Feb

    ~CJ~ Squidogram

    Flowers? Boring. Jewelry? Too much bling. Chocolate? Yummy, but cliché.

    This Valentine’s Day, give your special someone a gift they’ll never be able to forget!

    The Cuddlefish Junction Kissing Squidogram is a little bit like a candygram… except instead of a box of candy, the recipient gets a squid attached to their face! The Kissing Squidogram comes with a trained (and rather amorous) squid in a lovely decorative bucket; the squid will pop out, deliver a personalized message to your sweetie, then give them a big kiss on the lips!

    And you know nothing says I love you and I can’t keep my tentacles off you quite like a kissing squid!

    Each Squidogram is just L$50, but you’d better hurry — after February 14, this special edition Kissing Squidogram with V-Day colors is being taken off the shelves and shipped to my secret underwater lair to join my Cephalopod World Domination Force.

    …Oops, did I type that out loud?

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