• 31May

    The Cuddlefish saying "Bai Bai!"

    As I previously posted, Cuddlefish Junction is now closed and all products taken off the shelves. Thank you to all my customers over the years for your business! I hope my creations have touched you in many places ways.

  • 24May
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    Don’t forget, May 30 is the last day to buy all Cuddlefish Junction products, including the Deliverator and Squidograms. Everything will be gone in a puff of smoke on May 31!

  • 16May

    I mentioned in my previous post that I was closing my store, Cuddlefish Junction, but making arrangements to sell some of my products (such as the Deliverator) through other SL stores. After further consideration, though, I’ve decided not to sell my products elsewhere, but rather discontinue them altogether. It’s simply not worth my time to bother with them anymore.

    So, this blog post is to announce that Cuddlefish Junction is closing May 30. My XStreet listings are coming down that day as well, so the next two weeks are your last opportunity to purchase Deliverators, Squidograms, or my other products in SL.

    Even after I’m gone, nearly all of my products should keep working forever (until LL does something to break them, anyway). The Deliverator is a bit different, though, since it relies on my server for looking up people’s UUIDs, and I don’t know how long I’ll be running this site. So, fair warning: some day in the future — it could be two months from now, or a year, or ten years — the Deliverator service will be shut down. If that concerns you, don’t buy one.

    You can find all of my products at Cuddlefish Junction in SL, or buy the Deliverator, Squidogram, and Bubble Ride at my XStreet SL storefront.

    P.S. If you come by the store, be sure to give the Giant Octopus a goodbye kiss while you’re there.

  • 10May
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    Deliverator Promo Image: the Deliverator is more than just a hollow wooden box. It's mass delivery made dead simple.

    Deliverator users, rejoice! I’ve upgraded the server to be better than ever: Deliverator can now deliver to practically anyone in SL! If you’ve had trouble delivering to certain people, those troubles are a thing of the past!

    The only people Deliverator might not be able to deliver to are super-newbies, less than a day or two old — and you can just try again the next day and it’ll probably find them. Woo!

    This improvement was on the server, so you don’t even have to upgrade your Deliverators or anything like that. It’s magic!

    As always, the Deliverator is available for just $500, only at Cuddlefish Junction. It’s totally the easiest way to send out gifts, invitations, and other items to your friends or customers! And you don’t even have to make them click some silly sign!

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  • 05Apr
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    Today is the last day to get your hands on the special Squidcrotch edition Squidogram! (Don’t know what a Squidogram is? Picture each of your friends with a talking, kissing squid clinging to their face — or in this case, a bit lower — and you’ll grasp the concept quite firmly.)

    Each squid is just L$50, with 5- and 10-packs available at a nice discount! These special edition Squidograms are on sale only at Cuddlefish Junction, and only through the end of today, April 5! They won’t be for sale again until next spring — if ever!


  • 31Mar
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    Reports in the latest medical journals indicate a sharp rise in the incidence of a bizarre condition known as “squidcrotch”. The spread of this mysterious affliction is expected to reach its peak in the coming week.

    We spoke with Dr. Carol Fische of the Center for Delirium Control to find out what the average person needs to know about squidcrotch. “Squidcrotch is an extremely laugh-threatening condition. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of preparation. The last thing anyone wants is to be caught with your pants down, a squid groping at your woozle with its slimy little suckers, and not knowing quite how to react.”

    Dr. Fische advised that squidcrotch victims should be treated with care and respect. “Your first reaction upon seeing a friend or loved one with a cephalopod clinging to their crotch will be to double over in laughter, or perhaps take incriminating snapshots. But nothing could be more damaging to that individual’s sense of personal dignity. Except posting a video on the internet, I suppose.”

    Research efforts have revealed that squidcrotch is spread from person to person, usually being transmitted from one friend to another after purchasing a peculiar bucket for L$50. Symptoms to be on the watch for include: moist, slimy underwear, an awkward feeling of satisfaction, and a large squid dangling from your doodly bits.

    Dr. Fische urged against visiting Cuddlefish Junction between March 31 and April 5, citing a high risk of hilarity ensuing.


  • 13Feb
    Cuddlefish Junction Comments Off

    Squidogram promotional image: "This Valentine's Day... say it with tentacles."

    Nothing says I can’t keep my tentacles off you! like a kissing squid that delivers your custom message. Tell them you care (and have an keenly developed sense of humour) with a Squidogram this Valentine’s Day.

    The squid is L$50. The memories (and the lulz) are priceless.

    Available now at Cuddlefish Junction and Loco Pocos Island.

  • 22Jan

    Squidogram at Loco Pocos Promotional Image. "Surprise! It's a Squidogram! Make 'em LOL with a kissing squid that delivers your custom message! Works on Loco Pocos &em; and big people, too! Squidogram by Cuddlefish Junction"

    The news is out — Squidograms are now for sale at Loco Pocos Island, too! Squidograms work great on Loco Pocos and regular avatars alike, and they’re definitely the most unique (and slimy-squid-surprise-smoochiest) kissogram around!

    I’ve updated the Squidograms to be extra reliable, even in the face of lag and server troubles, which there seem to be no shortage of these days. And to really sweeten the deal, I’ve increased the bulk discounts to business-sense-shattering levels!

    A single Squidogram is just L$50, and the recipient can hear your custom message (and get squid-smooched!) again and again, as many times as they want, forever and ever. Or buy a pack of 5 Squidograms for L$200, a savings of L$50 — that’s like getting another Squidogram for free! For an even bigger discount, head to Cuddlefish Junction and get a pack of 10 Squidograms for just L$350! Slimy cephalopod, Squidman — that’s like getting 3 for free! :o

    So log in and head over to Loco Pocos Island to pick up some Squidograms (and maybe a cute new accessory or five)! Or drop by Cuddlefish Junction for a Squidogram 10-pack or any of our other fine products, including the handy-dandy Deliverator!

    P.S. Don’t know what Loco Pocos are? You’re missing out! They’re hands-down the best tiny toon animal avatars in all of SL, and there are a ton of animals, clothing, and accessories to choose from. (And Damien keeps putting out new ones all the time! I don’t know how he does it, he’s like a cute-making machine. Does he ever sleep?!) Each avatar and item has a bunch of color options, so you can really customize your avatar to express your personality. You hardly ever see two Loco Pocos that look exactly alike. And yet they’re all so gosh-darned adorable!

  • 06Dec

    Deliverator Promo Image: the Deliverator is more than just a hollow wooden box. It's mass delivery made dead simple.

    It’s that time of year again — time to hand out the “Season’s Greetings” cards, gifts, and party invitations! But who has the time to open up profile window after profile window, sending items to one person at a time… drag… drop… drag… drop. I dunno about you, but my drag-and-dropper would fall off before I got halfway through my friends list. >_<

    Why not spare yourself the hassle this year — use a Deliverator to send out your gifts and invitations for you! Just give it the item to deliver, fill the notecard with the names of everyone you want to deliver to, and off it goes! It does the boring part, so you can just curl up by the prim fireplace and enjoy the holiday season!

    The Deliverator is available at Cuddlefish Junction for just L$500. And it’s transferable, so you can let a friend borrow it, and save them from the tedium, too!

  • 13Oct

    Deliverator Promo Image: the Deliverator is more than just a hollow wooden box. It's mass delivery made dead simple.

    I’m happy (and rather relieved) to announce that after power-coding day and night for the past week, I’ve released a handy new device: the Deliverator. I’m sure you’ll find that it is the easiest and most convenient way to deliver a gift, notecard, or other item to a long list of your friends or customers!

    It’s available now at Cuddlefish Junction for L$500 (or L$4500 for a copyable version).

    What is this marvelous contraption?

    The Deliverator is a scripted object that will help you deliver an item to lots of people with very little fuss.

    • Easy, guided set-up. Give it the item, give it the names, and off it goes.
    • No keys required. Names are enough for the Deliverator to do its job. No need to look up everybody’s UUIDs or make them touch some silly prim.
    • Low maintenance. Start it running and get on with your life. The Deliverator will IM you when it’s done, and let you know if there’s anything you should be aware of.
    • Reliable. In the unlikely event that the Deliverator can’t find somebody on your list, it will remember their name and tell you at the end, so you can be sure no one gets left out.
    • Unlimited delivery. The Deliverator can be used as many times as you want, and it can deliver to as many people as you can fit in a notecard.

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