• 23Jan

    An abstract sculpture I created on a whim. It’s 8 prims, created it in Blender in about 1 hour.

    You can view it at my friend Skitty’s flower shop in Second Life. The sculpture is not for sale (but the pretty flowers are!).

  • 09Nov

    Collab Build #1 Overview

    5 builders × 3 prims/day + 0 plan = ???

    Want to see it up close and personal? You’d better hurry, because it’s coming down in a week to make room for the next one!


  • 07Oct

    No, no. This isn’t about dressing my avatar in drag. It’s about moving my avatar around by clicking and dragging on it!

    Today, I was messing around with the llDetectedGrab() function, which returns a vector telling which way someone is pushing or pulling on an object. I’m planning on using it for controls in some upcoming projects, so I wanted to get a grip on it (pun intended).

    So, I put a script in a box, and tried using the vector in various different ways. The first, way was simply to move the box around; that was enough to confirm my suspicions about how the numbers worked. Then I went on to try changing the color of the object, based on the vector. When you drag it along the X axis, it turns red; along the Y axis, green; along the Z axis, blue. If you drag it along multiple axes, it turns some combination.

    Then, I was showing it to Chrysocolla and hya. The land was no-rez, so I improvised by wearing the box on my head! Then I got the idea that I could allow other people to drag my avatar around, by pushing myself based on the vector. So, some scripting later, Chrysocolla was dragging my avatar and throwing her against walls and other hard things. Ouch!

    Here’s a composite time-lapse snapshot of the brutality:

    Drag My Avatar

    Overall, it was very silly.

    UPDATE: hya passed out poking sticks, so I got my revenge.



  • 24Jul

    Here’s the skinny: I’m looking to gather a small community of SL content creators of all types and experience levels. What for? To foster creativity and innovation in SL content, and have a good time doing it!

    • Get friendly feedback, tips, and suggestions about your works-in-progress!
    • Be inspired by seeing what other people are making!
    • Teach or attend workshops to hone your skills or broaden your horizons!
    • Challenge yourself and make the best content of your Second Life!
    • Meet interesting and creative new friends!

    More information and fewer sentences ending in exclamation marks, after the fold!

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  • 16Jul

    Tonight, I went to the Oldbie Blitz Build event at NCI Kuula! I didn’t have any plans, but one of my former students (and now a very talented NCI instructor in his own right), Locke, made an announcement in group chat, and I just happened to see it!

    The theme was “Space”. We had 40 minutes to build something using 40 prims or less—so, quite a different scale than the rules I’m used to from Building Shelter, 10 minutes and 25 prims. I had a ton of fun building! A couple days ago, I had noticed that I hadn’t done much building for fun as of late, so this was a great opportunity to dust off the ol’ torus-twisting finger.

    Here are the entries after the 40 minutes were up. Can you guess which one is mine?

    Oldbie Blitz Build Entries

    If you said, “That twisty, colorful one in the corner, of course!”, you’re right!

    It’s a fun and relaxing build to look at, especially with the sun set to midnight (World -> Force Sun -> Midnight)! Several slowly-spinning swirly shapes to stare at, plus lovely luminous light-prims to lure you in! It’s called, “The Colour Out of Space”, after the short story by H.P. Lovecraft. Thankfully, unlike the titular essence of the story, my build won’t slowly consume the lifeforce of everything nearby!

    I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, so I’ve set it up in my garden:

    The Colour Out of Space

    Want to see it for yourself? Please drop by my garden in Hallasan and take a gander!

  • 26Jun
    Building, Interface, Musings Comments Off
    • At first, I didn’t think the pie-menu-edit crash affected me, but I was able to crash when I tried the repro on the PJIRA.
    • Just reading that there was a new crash when entering edit mode was enough to make my stomach tense up with anticipated guilt. I had a Victor Frankenstein moment: what sort of monster have I created and unleashed upon the world? Fortunately, I haven’t seen anything to suggest that it’s directly related to my patch. Phew.
    • In this version, I can walk and fly around with the edit window still open! It doesn’t close (and thus forget what I had selected) just because my avatar moves anymore! Yay!
    • Even when I uncheck Client > Character > Character Tests > Go Away/AFK When Idle, my avatar slumps over when I minimize the viewer or switch to a different virtual desktop (which effectively minimizes the viewer). In previous versions, my avatar would stay upright and respirating. This is a disaster: now people will be able to see how little attention I’m paying to what they are saying! (Seriously, though, I do a lot of multitasking between windows, so I hope this gets fixed soon.)


  • 25Jun

    “Edit Linked Parts” Menu Item (new in!)

    You might notice a new entry in the Tools menu for SL Edit Linked Parts!

    That’s right, the feature I added back in March and submitted to the JIRA has now made its way into the official client release! The menu item works just like the checkbox in the Build/Edit floater, allowing you to switch between editing whole linked sets of prims, or editing the individual members.

    Not good enough? You want more?

    Well then how about I tell you guys how you can add your very own keyboard shortcut… in just 3 easy steps?

    1. Open the Second Life/skins/xui/en-us/menu_viewer.xml file in your favorite text or XML editor.
    2. Go down to line 695 (or do a search for “Edit Linked Parts”) where it says shortcut="", and type in your shortcut between the quotation marks! For example, to bind it to Shift-L, you’d type in shift|L!
    3. (Re)start Second Life, and enjoy!

    A word about the format for shortcuts: Put the modifier keys first, separated by the pipe character, | (Shift-Backslash, above the Enter key). The standard order for modifiers is control|alt|shift, but I’m not sure the order matters too much. For Macs, “control” means the Command key.


  • 14May

    One of the small tweaks I’ve done to my client is to increase the precision that is displayed in the edit window for object position. The normal client only displays 3 digits of precision, while mine displays 5 (this makes me 1000× better at building, I think! Or else 0.001×… Hmm!). (If you want to change this yourself, just edit skins/xui/en-us/floater_tools.xml around lines 588-596. Just change where it says decimal_digits="3" to decimal_digits="give me plenty plzkthx"! You can do it for size and rotation and other stuff, too!)

    In addition to being a darn spiffy development in itself, this tweak has revealed an interesting little factoid about prim position and prim drift… which I will reveal after the fold!
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  • 04May

    Sculpty LoveliesIn case you haven’t heard the news, the beta grid has the sculpty prim preview! I wooshed over there to try it out for myself! An hour and a half later, I had made 30 sculpt prims from 30 different hand-painted textures! I used GIMP’s channel mode to let me color the brightness of the red, green, and blue channels individually.

    Here are some of my lovelies, with the sculpt texture applied for the normal texture for your colorful viewing pleasures!

  • 28Apr

    Tateru Nino: You know what the edit window needs? A prim alignment function.
    Tateru Nino: Select a bunch of prims, select align on [X|Y|Z] axis, and let them snap together.

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