• 23Apr

    Yesterday, April 22, was my fourth rezday. It was four years ago yesterday that I logged in to Second Life for the first time, and the persona of Jacek Antonelli was born.

    Yesterday was also the last rezday I’ll be celebrating in Second Life. A recent culmination of circumstances has pushed me away from Second Life, and triggered my migration to OpenSim. I’ll be wrapping up my affairs over the next month, then putting my Second Life account on the shelf. By this time next year, I expect SL to be mostly irrelevant to my day-to-day life.

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  • 31Aug

    I’ve been making some positive life changes lately. You know, the usual stuff: eliminating stress, exercising more, focusing on the things in life that are important to me, … and transforming into a mermaid!?

    Mermaid 4 in SL

    As you can see, I’m shedding my human-ness in SL, and embracing my aquatic side. There’s still a ways to go in the transformation. I need new hair, eyes, and probably a new wardrobe! (Hrmm. I guess that’s what my fortune cookie meant: “You will be doing a lot of shopping soon… in bed!”)

    But, the first stage is done: a new skin! My deepest gratitude to Eloh Eliot for her Starlight skin, which I used as a base. Without Eloh’s generosity, my skin would have taken weeks, instead of a few days. Actually, I probably wouldn’t have even attempted it, as it wouldn’t have been worth the time investment.

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  • 29Mar
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    Max the Virtual Guidedog at Wheelies

    Virtual Helping Hands are having a fundraising benefit at Wheelies for continued development of Max the Virtual Guidedog.

    I first blogged about the scripted guide dog last August. Since that time, the VHH team has made amazing progress! They’re playing a video at Wheelies of their recent RL presentation about Max, and it’s great to see how many technical obstacles they’ve overcome.

    Old Max and New Max

    VHH are now trying to raise funds to purchase some needed development software so they can continue enhancing Max Voice, a cross-platform application providing text-to-speech for SL chat, as well as other assorted helpful functionality. The development software costs $550 — but the price is expected to go up drastically in mid-April, so they need to purchase it soon!

    When I visited them earlier today, VHH had raised $100 of the needed $550. The benefit runs until midnight PST tonight (March 29).

    You can help by donating L$ in SL at Wheelies or via Paypal at VirtualHelpingHands.org. Any amount helps.

  • 23Jan

    An abstract sculpture I created on a whim. It’s 8 prims, created it in Blender in about 1 hour.

    You can view it at my friend Skitty’s flower shop in Second Life. The sculpture is not for sale (but the pretty flowers are!).

  • 25Nov
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    Femme Noir

    Some recent posts by Botgirl Questi inspired me to get out my Femme Noir outfit: all-black skin and eyes, fullbright white hair (with signature rainbow strands, naturally) and wings.


  • 24Nov

    Serving simple HTML by LSL script

    I’ve written an LSL script which “serves” custom-generated HTML via a neat trick I discovered. But don’t bust out the champagne just yet — this method is extremely limited, so I don’t expect this to revolutionize HUDs or anything like that. Still, it’s a fun curiosity.

    The trick is this: If you use text of the form “data:text/html,[html code here]” as the web URL, Firefox (and maybe other browsers?) will render the HTML code as a web page. For example, visit data:text/html,<html><body><h1>Oh hai!</h1></body></html>, and Firefox will render the words “Oh hai!”. It’s not accessing a web page, and it’s not loading a local HTML file, it’s loading the HTML code from the pseudo-URL.

    The same trick works in SL as well, by setting the parcel media URL to the “data:text/html” string. You can use an LSL script to generate the HTML code and set the parcel URL, or even set the URL for an individual avatar. The result is that your LSL script acts as a very simple web server!

    However, as I mentioned, there are some serious limitations: SL won’t let you set the web URL to a string longer than 254 letters! That means you have to cram all the HTML code into that tiny string, which severely limits the complexity of the HTML you can display.

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  • 30Aug

    Virtual Ability Island

    I had the opportunity to attend a presentation today by Louise Later, who demonstrated two scripted objects, still in development, designed to help people with limited or no vision enjoy Second Life. Given that many sighted people find Second Life challenging to use, one can only imagine the unique difficulties of using it without visual feedback!

    The objects — your choice of mobility cane or guide dog — use repurposed sensor and warp scripts to let users navigate and learn about their Second Life surroundings without any visual feedback. The sensor script can scan the surroundings for objects and avatars and output their names into your chat history, where EVA (an SL-specific screen reader) will then read them aloud to you, allowing you to hear a list of everything around you. The warp script can move you to an object or person, or move you through a series of locations (e.g. orientation displays). It can also continuously follow another avatar, perfect for getting a tour of the world from a sighted friend!

    Louise told us that a core team of seven programmers, many of them blind* themselves, have developed the scripts, supported by Virtual Ability. They’re looking for additional help (especially more scripters) so if you’re interested in volunteering a bit of your time to a worthwhile and rather interesting cause, send an IM to Louise Later in SL!

    * Update 2008-09-07: Louise informs me that only one programmer is totally blind, while she herself is legally blind. But, almost everyone in the group is disabled in some way.

    The cane and guide dog objects are available for free at Wheelies. Virtual Ability runs Virtual Ability island, a beautiful tropical island sim with a thorough SL orientation tutorial (with both written signs and audio information!), and the famous Heron Sanctuary.

  • 16Aug
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    Eerie Twilight 1

    Messing around with Windlight sky settings. You can download the preset if you want to try it.

    It reminds me of an October twilight I saw as a kid. A low mist / fog was rolling in over the park. I had never seen such a thing before. The sky looked faded and ill, and one could believe that the sun might not rise again.

    There are more pics, so check out the rest of the set.

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  • 10Aug

    Hot Squid-on-Warthog Action!

    We had a ton of fun at the Squidogram Relaunch Party yesterday! Check out the full set on Flickr!

    Want to get your hands/paws/hoofs/tentacles on your own Squidograms? You can buy them inworld at Cuddlefish Junction, or on SLX!

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  • 03Aug

    Squidogram in Progress


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