• 16May

    I mentioned in my previous post that I was closing my store, Cuddlefish Junction, but making arrangements to sell some of my products (such as the Deliverator) through other SL stores. After further consideration, though, I’ve decided not to sell my products elsewhere, but rather discontinue them altogether. It’s simply not worth my time to bother with them anymore.

    So, this blog post is to announce that Cuddlefish Junction is closing May 30. My XStreet listings are coming down that day as well, so the next two weeks are your last opportunity to purchase Deliverators, Squidograms, or my other products in SL.

    Even after I’m gone, nearly all of my products should keep working forever (until LL does something to break them, anyway). The Deliverator is a bit different, though, since it relies on my server for looking up people’s UUIDs, and I don’t know how long I’ll be running this site. So, fair warning: some day in the future — it could be two months from now, or a year, or ten years — the Deliverator service will be shut down. If that concerns you, don’t buy one.

    You can find all of my products at Cuddlefish Junction in SL, or buy the Deliverator, Squidogram, and Bubble Ride at my XStreet SL storefront.

    P.S. If you come by the store, be sure to give the Giant Octopus a goodbye kiss while you’re there.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 8:17 pm

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  • Widget Whiteberry Says:

    Eep! I managed not to know any of this till just now. I was singing the praises of Deliverator. I hope all goes well for you and will perhaps cross paths in OSG.