• 15Oct

    Tomorrow, October 15 from 3-4 PM SLT, we’ll be having a discussion at UXIG about new features and improvements to the SL viewer that would improve Second Life (and OpenSim) as a platform for creating machinima.

    We’d especially love to hear from machinimists who are currently working with Second Life:

    • What are the most frustrating or annoying aspects of working with SL to make machinima?
    • What new features would help make SL machinima easier, better quality, or more expressive than it is now?

    The in-world discussion will be tomorrow, October 15 from 3-4 PM SLT (i.e. Pacific time) at Hippotropolis in Second Life. If you can’t attend the in-world discussion, I’d still love to have your comments here on this blog post, on Plurk, or on the SL-UX mailing list!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 1:28 am

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