• 10May

    Deliverator Promo Image: the Deliverator is more than just a hollow wooden box. It's mass delivery made dead simple.

    Deliverator users, rejoice! I’ve upgraded the server to be better than ever: Deliverator can now deliver to practically anyone in SL! If you’ve had trouble delivering to certain people, those troubles are a thing of the past!

    The only people Deliverator might not be able to deliver to are super-newbies, less than a day or two old — and you can just try again the next day and it’ll probably find them. Woo!

    This improvement was on the server, so you don’t even have to upgrade your Deliverators or anything like that. It’s magic!

    As always, the Deliverator is available for just $500, only at Cuddlefish Junction. It’s totally the easiest way to send out gifts, invitations, and other items to your friends or customers! And you don’t even have to make them click some silly sign!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 7:38 pm

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