• 10Sep

    I’ve made a post about this already over at the Imprudence blog, but I wanted to post a reminder that I will be overthrowing Resident Experience office hours tomorrow to force my hateful rhetoric down your throats.

    The topic will be Imprudence, my latest jihad against common sense and the will of the masses. My henchman and I will be available to answer questions and talk about my master plans to remove everything useful from SL and impose my own brand of horribly crippled (yet oh-so-pretty) software upon you all. Whom I despise.

    Where: Benjamin Linden’s office in Second Life.
    When: Thursday, September 11, 3-4 PM PDT

    It should be fun; I hope to see you there!

    (P.S. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 2:37 pm

6 Responses

  • Samantha Poindexter Says:


    …have you figured out how to immolate residents’ computers if they try to run a search? That’s my favorite part of the Master Plan.

  • Jacek Antonelli Says:

    Actually, I decided to remove search entirely. Also money, and transferring objects, items, or land to other people. The ideas “economy” and “trade” have no place in my grand Leninist society.

    However, I am pleased to inform you that users *will* be automatically stabbed in the face whenever they type the words “puppies”, “rainbows”, or “love” into chat, as originally planned. I believe this is the “killer feature” that the average user will find most compelling about Imprudence.

  • Patience Xie Says:

    Oh, JJ. When did you turn to the Dark Side? :o

  • Coyote Says:

    I’ve also heard you’re sabotaging the computers at Best Buy Manhattan so they won’t run SL/Windlight properly. You fiend!

  • Rheta Shan Says:

    Ah, can I contribute a darkish, feature poor, ridiculously iconised interface scheme to your grand master plan ? It might make the stabbing in the face oh so more fitting in mood.

  • Samantha Poindexter Says:

    Don’t be silly, Rheta. Icons are incomprehensible. In the interest of avatar unity, we need to insist that all avatars share the same text-based experience. Thus, the interface for all must be in the universal language: Latin.

    I’ve got a monk tied up in my basement, working out the translation for “cheesy beacon” right now.