• 08Aug

    Squidogram Promotional Image

    This Saturday, August 9, I’m putting Squidogram™ on the shelves again — forever!

    In case you missed it, Squidograms are an amusing gag-gift-slash-greeting-card that I sold this past Valentine’s Day. They’re sort of like a Candygram®, except instead of a box of candy, the recipient gets a talking squid sucking their face!

    The new Squidograms have all the charm of the original, but with fewer bugs and one much-requested new feature: the squid can now repeat the message whenever the recipient wishes! They also have a few funny new easter eggs, so keep an eye out for those. ;)

    I will hold a brief ribbon-cutting event Saturday at noon SLT at the new Cuddlefish Junction location in Dynamism, and then place the Squidograms for sale. Unlike the V-day squids, these will be available year-round—a squid for all occasions!

    Each Squidogram is just L$50, and will be available in 5-packs and 10-packs at a discount. And, to celebrate the return of Squidograms and the official reopening of Cuddlefish Junction, all items (including the Squidograms and the ever-enjoyable Bubble Ride) will be half-off regular price from noon Saturday until midnight!

    Drop in, say hello, see the giant octopus, and buy some Squidograms at half-off! Can a Saturday afternoon get much better than that? (I suggest to you that no, it cannot!)

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 4:43 am


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