• 22Jul

    IYan Writer made an interesting post about (among other things) the lack of a mythos of Second Life.

    In the days of my newbiehood, I heard tell of the legend of Gridnor and the coming of Lagnarok. But even in those days, the old stories were all but forgotten, and only the elders spoke of them.

    In those days, the Linden gods stopped walking freely among us. The most ungrateful Residents would spurn the Linden gods and curse their names, just as they do today. Only the stalwart Liasons — who were half god, half mortal — mingled among us.

    But those days were the days of legend, of the rise of new heroes and villains!

    Starax the magician and his wand of infinite wonder, who left our world but was reborn. Anshe the merchant-queen, shrewd and cunning, with an unquenchable thirst for riches. Tateru the goddess and overseer, who even now walks among us, bestowing her wisdom on all who will listen. Gene Replacement the trickster, who stole from the gods the gift of megaprims, but paid for his sins with eternal banishment. Ordinal the inventor, who then, as now, crafted marvels for the delight of young and old.

    There are many, many others legends; too many to recall every one. IYan refers you to the book of Hamlet for more stories of the old days. (Hamlet himself being one of the legends of those and earlier days.)

    But, just as with the legends of Gridnor and Lagnarok, these stories now fade into history. The elders move on to other worlds without ceremony, and the young remain ignorant of our heritage. The old heroes are no longer revered, and the new heroes are too often missed, being but tiny gemstones in a vast desert of sand.

    Or perhaps I have merely become one of the elders, who speak in longful whispers of the legends of their youth, being set in our ways and unable to see the next generation of legends unfolding beneath our very noses.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 2:47 am

3 Responses

  • Sougent Harrop Says:

    Lol, you should expand upon this, it could be a very entertaining short story……..

  • Jamma Newt Says:

    -sniff- Great story, brought a dewy sheen to my pixel eye. Rereading the Silmarillion at the moment, this recalls exactly that same sense of a world both larger now and yet diminished from what it once was…

  • Shockwave Plasma Says:

    Who now remembers the travels of Magellen Linden, who bravely set forth to expand our knowledge of the grid *sigh*.

    Those were the days..none of this fancy teleporting to where ever you want.