• 19Jul

    I had the honor of presenting my UI design concept at the User Experience office hours this past Thursday, and I must admit to being pleased with how it turned out. The presentation went off without a hitch (quite a feat in SL), it seemed well received by the audience, and I got some great feedback and ideas.

    If you missed the presentation, you can check out a great write-up by Kippie Friedkin, or plow your way through the transcript on the SL Wiki. If you’re following along with the transcript, you’ll want to have the mock-ups that I showed at hand for reference:

    1. Main UI Overlay
    2. Inventory Quick Filter
    3. Inventory Right-Click Menu

    Here are a some of the really interesting ideas (some new, others old favorites) that came out of the discussion:

    • Making the “Chat/IM” and “Voice” buttons separately resizable in the UI overlay.
    • Optional UI animation for the “Chat/IM” button (e.g. a little bounce) when you get a new message.
    • Functionality to find items by date range.
    • Functionality to find duplicate items, so you could remove them to reduce clutter.
    • Gmail-like labels for items, allowing items to belong to multiple “sets”. Related: symlinks for items, allowing you to put “clones”/”shortcuts” of items (especially no-copy items) into multiple folders/outfits.
    • Functionality to create custom tabs that show the contents of a folder: Right click folder, “Show as Tab”.
    • A “Custom” option on the Quick Filter menu, to pop up the window for more advanced filter management.

    By the way, if you like discussing and thinking about ways to make SL’s interface easier, more useful, or just generally better, you should subscribe and post to the Second Life User Experience (SL-UX) mailing list!

    It’s a little bit slow right now because it’s new and not many people are aware of it, but there have already been some very cool discussions about improving notifications, reorganizing the menus, annoyances in the building UI, and more. New topics and discussions welcome!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 3:23 am

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  • Alidar Moxie Says:

    I really hope they take some (i.e. most) of your ideas to heart, I can see them really simplifying things. There are still things I find myself looking for and I’ve had an account forever.