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  • Corwyn Miles Says:

    Great Tutorial, fantastic exporter and tool.

    Is there a way to import existing animations (BVH files), and have it overlay or replace the existing bones of the tool for the purpose of editting existing animations?

    Yes, I’m aware you don’t support the tool *gryn*.

  • Warin Cascabel Says:

    Fantastic tutorial – and an awesome .blend file. I love the male/female avatars on separate layers; very nice touch.

    I’ve done some modeling in Blender, but this is my first foray into actually animating with it, so I appreciate the clarity of your tutorial – unlike many Blender tutorials I’ve seen, it doesn’t assume that the reader already knows where to find things or what the keyboard shortcuts are.

    My one suggestion is that newbies could benefit from a discussion of the hand_ctl and foot_ctl bones, and how to enable the constraints on the hands and feet to make use of them. They’re a great feature!

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    [...] talking about animations with Yadni and Bav and suddenly was the recipient of a link that led me to Jjaceks Blender Tutorial. Very easy to follow and very well done. Thank you Jjacek for taking the time and energy to create [...]

  • Psyche Foxclaw Says:

    thanks! It’s woahking!

    However I have a problem…somehow in blender not all animations seem to ‘pick up’…like..part of the knees. I’m sure the figure keeps his feet on the floor and doesn’t mop it XD.

    I thought maybe it was because of not knowing what the feet ctl. L and feet ctl. R are…they are seperate chopped off phantomfeet! What can I do with this and how would they affect the skeleton?

  • Jacek Antonelli Says:

    The feet and hand control bones can be used for inverse kinematics (IK). If you increase the scale of the control bones, the legs/arms will reach to try to match the position and rotation of the control bones.