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    Comparison of Blender and SL poses

    A new revision (2008-06-02) of the Animation Exporter is available. This revision is mostly UI changes to improve usability, especially for new users who have not mastered Blender’s UI yet. The new layout will also scale better to different screen sizes.

    [Update Dec 15: PLEASE NOTE: If you get an error about a missing pickle, you will need to install Python.]

    Here’s the revision log:

    • Changed window layout to be grouped more logically.
    • Panel headers are now at the top, as is standard in most UIs.
    • Moved the button toolbar to the Tweaking screen (Ctrl-Right).
    • Minor UI tweaks to the exporter script.
    • Auto-key is enabled by default. [Edit: Apparently this setting doesn't save with the file, so you'll have to enable it yourself.]
    • Removed mesh UV maps and materials to reduce file size.

    And a snapshot of the main view. Click to enlarge:

    Screenshot of the default view when the scene is loaded in Blender.


    P.S. I still deny that I’m maintaining this thing, despite all evidence. :P

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 2:41 pm


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  • Alidar Says:

    P.S. I still deny that Iím maintaining this thing, despite all evidence. :P

    I don’t buy it for a second.

  • Abyssin Says:

    This looks really nice, and after a quick play it looks like it could be really useful.
    I have really only one major question (and it is really a blender one…). How do I attach an imported BVH to this?

    P.S. I assume that like most things in blender, it is just one simple step that I have missed, like today (after months of trying), I found out why all of my reflection/refraction materials had artifacts/problems… because I had not *completely* encased them inside an object, it seems that if there is light that can escape (not too sure exactly what that means), there are issues (bad patches, holes, strange jagged lines, etc). I put a “sky” sphere around close to the objects, and the problems I had disappeared.

  • Nathalie Rozenberg Says:

    I`ve got the same problem.

    How is it possible to import a BVH-File (BVH-Animation) into Blender? If i just go to Import and want to import one, Blender is creating a new “Blender-Armature”.
    But how to use the animation in the SL-Armature so i can export it later?

  • Jacek Antonelli Says:

    Alas, I didn’t program in any way to import a BVH file onto the SL armature. It would definitely be useful, I just didn’t get around to it.

  • Daniel Gottlieb Says:

    Hey, Jacek! The exporter is my cruse-control for work in SL animations, however, I’d like to completely cut Qavimator from my tool-belt, but there is a feature it can do which I haven’t been able to find blender able to do yet. I can double click on a limb of the armature in Qavimator, it will turn blue (to show this is in effect) and when you move the rest of the body, the limb will do its best to stay in the place you put it. Do you know if blender can do something similar?

    The exporter is handy, I mirror a few other comments and would hope by some miracle of modern science that the exporter continues its wonderful evolution and may include a BVH importer, but if there is a way I can do the above, I’d be a happy dude!

  • Jim Mahoney Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this – nice work, and very helpful.

    I’ve been exploring animation, blender, second life, and all that; a first short project that used your exporter is described this post.

  • Blender Neophite Says:

    I’m a beginner with blender, I’ve used it to make some simple sculpty works and I’ll be damned if I understand procedural textures.. but I try..

    Is it possible to move the relative joint positions for frame 1 and effectively create a deformer.. I’m looking to make some gestures for deformer based avatars, but blender is hating me right now.. (Its a mutual thing)

  • Jim Mahoney Says:

    I feel like I’m missing something obvious about the IK hand/foot controllers and how their scale is connected to the IK influence
    in the rig provided by this script.

    I understand how it’s supposed (and usually does) work: changing
    the length of the hand/foot controllers sets their influence from
    0 to 1, switching between FK and IK on the limbs. And of course
    having these on bones makes it simple to animate FK/IK transitions.

    However, I have seen this become corrupted: at times the IK influence
    is unaffected by the length of the controller. I can still go in
    to the button panel and adjust the influence manually, but animation
    is then more awkward. So far I’m unable to fix the problem,
    or really understand what causes it; all I can do is go back to a previous save file and try again. It also means that in that file,
    all my actions are now junk since the IK influence is set full on
    in places where I had it turned off.

    An example of such a corrupted file is available at http://drop.io/barrachois .

    How is the connection between the length of the control bone
    and the IK/FK influence set? I don’t see this in the constraints
    on the hand/foot bones.

    I’ve looked through the online docs, several printed books,
    and posted a question on blenderartists.org for information
    on this topic; so far without success. I’m using blender 249.2
    on Mac OS 10.5.

    Any ideas or suggestions from anyone reading this would
    be appreciated, thanks.

  • Jim Mahoney Says:


    I see a tutorial describing the use of IPO constraints to
    answer the previous question, at

    The interface seems erratic, but I think playing around with this will get me what I want.

    Jacek, thanks again for your work.

  • Ego Essex Says:

    Does anybody maintain this script? Please contact me in world if you have added functionality or are maintaining it and would ike to share. Thanks! :)

  • Solo Mornington Says:

    You know…. github.com is free for open source projects… :-)

  • speedy tedeschi Says:

    OK it keeps saying it cant find python but i have installed it in many different places and still the same can someone please help me where am i meant to install it

  • lucia Says:

    I can not make a static pose .. when I import in second life moves forward and back .. how do I do?

  • Samm Florian Says:

    I adore this exporter; thank you very much for making it. I wouldn’t be able to make animations without it.

  • Samm Florian Says:

    Oh, a question if I may: I tried making a dance by having the root spin in a circle, and in Blender it looks great, but in SL the head doesn’t turn with the rest of the body (making for a creepy possessed sort of animation!). I did set a single keyframe (at frame 1) for neck and skull, and I set the priority to 4 (and no AOs), but it doesn’t seem to matter. Any suggestions?

  • GG Deezul Says:

    were can I get help with this exporter… or even how to get Blender animations into SL…. how do people make couple animations that fit togeather??
    I have been trying for 1 year and no luck… It seems the only way to make a couple animation (for two people to interact) is to spend thousands of dollars on Poser… I am not that rich, and I was under the impression anyone could create stuff for SL. This file works great for 1 person… but SL is not that isolated, there are many people to interact with, but impossible to make these types of animations. You need tonnes of real life money before you can be sucessfull in SL!!

  • Maximo Says:

    Hi Jacek! I know that long time has passed since you released your blend file, but i was wondering if was possible for you to recode the exporter to be compatible with the new scripting API, since the last working version was 2.49b, deprecated by now. Otherwise i’ll have to keep an installer always handy ;-) no other tool is like blender, i’d cry if i was forced to move on another software ^^