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    Just when the trademark issue started to fade away from public consciousness, Linden Lab has provided us with an even bigger fish. Continuing Linden Lab’s campaign to strangle your inner child, it seems from all evidence that Dusty, Everett, and/or other Lindens are stepping in and barring the SL Kids community from participating in, and possibly even attending, Second Life’s 5th Birthday celebration.

    For the uninitiated, the SL Kids are RL adults who express their inner child in Second Life, donning a child-like avatar, laughing, playing, and letting the worries and cares of adult life slip away.

    For some reason, some people find it disturbing that a grown adult might find it enjoyable to relive their childhood. Even more strangely, many of the people who decry child-like play have no objection to adults (or even actual children) pretending to shoot each other, chop each others’ heads off, run each other over, or any of the other themes that are so prevalent in video games and movies these days.

    Rampant violence? That’s fine. Hopscotch? My god, we have to put a stop to that!

    Now, I’d hate to accuse Dusty and the higher-ups of being disgusting, despicable bigots without having hard evidence. More likely, they’re just shit-scared that some ignorant, fear-mongering “reporter” from the German media or the BBC will pounce and tear Linden Lab limb from limb with an asinine article equating child avatars with pedophilia.

    Well, here’s a thought for Linden Lab: instead of caving in to ignorance, perpetuating injustice, and discriminating against one of the most wholesome segments of the Resident population, why not take an active role in promoting education, justice, and tolerance?

    1. Educate yourselves. Whatever god-like powers a Linden has within Second Life, they’re all too human in RL, and nobody is free of some form of bias. Put on a child avatar and interact with the SL kids community for a while. Learn to understand what it means, and replace fear of the unknown with appreciation of a positive community.
    2. Educate the SL population. Stop condoning intolerance and promoting fear. Stop encouraging Residents to abuse report anyone they disagree with. Engage in a public education campaign to help Residents shed their biases and learn to understand the diverse communities and cultures of Second Life.
    3. Educate the rest of the world. Stop acting like SL Kids are SL’s “dirty little secret”. Instead of retreating whenever some reporter pushes out an ignorant, fear-mongering article suggesting that SL is the haven of pedophiles having sex with child avatars, counter their ignorance with the truth.

    Let’s stop whitewashing the human condition, and start advancing it — towards knowledge and understanding.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 12:53 pm

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  • Alexandra Daikon Says:

    I couldn’t say it better myself. Bravo Jacek! I’ve been trying to do this for over a year now! It’s funny because after I explain it to people they’re like “oh, that does make sense” it’s just that everyone is bombarded with SL kids = teh sex0r that they don’t stop to think that MAYBE that’s not right.

    Awesome post though <3 Happy to see others as annoyed and mad as I am!

  • Jeri Says:


    Great blog, and well written. I don’t agree with you %100, but I respect your style, and your right to your opinion.

    Where I differ:

    Yes, a ton of video games glorify violence and gore, and SL has a multitude of RP sims dedicated to playing out some type of alternate reality, be it violent, or not. What is that if not letting out one’s inner child? I think what people find questionable, is the desire, not just to PLAY like a kid, but to LOOK like a child? To talk “baby-talk”? I find it to be just outside of the normal adult psyche.

    Before you judge me too harshly:

    I’ll admit, I find it a bit strange, and can’t begin to understand the desire to take the “inner child” to that extreme, but I have friends in sl who have child avatars, or who pretend to parent child avatars. I don’t understand them, but I treat them the same as any other avatar friend that I have. I even tried out a child avatar, just to see if I could figure out what the appeal of it is. (I do that anytime I find myself feeling judgemental towards anything that is seemingly harmless, no matter how strange I find it.)

    I never could figure out the child avatar thing, and still think it’s not quite normal, and whether you like it or not, it IS a pedophiles *virtual* wet-dream. I think most healthy adults agree, and that is why we have the discrimination on the part of Linden Labs. It’s unfortunate for the majority of child ava’s, who are not doing the child bit for any kind of pervy reason. On that much, we can agree.

  • Amira Beaumont Says:

    My name is Amira and i play a 6 yer old girl on SL. I participate in elementary school, i have play dates with other kids in playgrounds, i shop for dressed with my mother, a color, i play pranks….i am a wholesome PG player…why am i not included in the community SL?

    for the next two comments i refer to this article: http://www.massively.com/2008/05/30/calling-all-cultures-not-any-more/

    My best friend in real life is BDSMer and let me just say though thats not my cup of tea…the pratice is based on trust of each other. TRUST! wow how horrid…cant have that in SL….my god first trust then honesty….then respect holy shit weve gotta stop this!

    That aside Goreans are also not permitted. Whats the beef with gor? I mean really, who cares? Neo Nazis and the KKK can come but something less dangerous like Gor….ooh god save the queen

    These, no matter your ow personal conviction, are CULTURES. We could SUE LLC for intolerance, its totally possible..


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  • Aine Dayafter Says:

    @ Amira Beaumont: Okay my beef with goreans and the whole BDSM stuff is this. Iím in a mature area that has NOTHING to do with that lifestyle. For example Iím trying to mind my own business, shopping for hair and in comes this Dom dragging his or her pet. Then I hear a few ďYes Master this-Yes Mistress that.Ē Before I loose much lunch I flip the mute buttons on them. And if Iím lucky I donít have to bear witness to their ďlook at usĒ sex act when I try to decide which hair to buy. Iím sorry but Iím tired of shopping or dancing in an area that has nothing to do with that life style and have to make the choice of try to ignore it or leave. Where is the respect? They seem to want it, but a lot of them get off on not offering it back. Want me to take their feelings into account? How about taking other peopleís feelings account then? Why donít they realize what they are doing is upsetting to a person who has suffered from being raped or beaten or is minority whoís ancestors were enslaved or yes-this still happens-kidnapped and enslaved irl? So really please tell me why should I give them any respect?

    As for LLís stance on no kids at the birthday bash, itís a PR move on their part. Yes it sucks. Itís a total ass covering tactic so as soon as they see a kid AV the can boot him or her. But in a way it might be a good thing because if we get a few radical grieffers that really hate pedophilia and in turn see all child avatars as a problem, they just may try to pull a stunt. Such as in one very big no-no between a child avatar and an adult one for all the media to see. And that would not only embarrass LL further to the public and make a huge statement, it just might in time force LL to ban all child avatarsÖjust a thought. So why not let LL cover all our asses?