• 25Apr

    (Mark Kingdon) I Has Teh Look of Lurve

    Go check out the Information Week interview with Mark Kingdon written by the always-lovable Mitch Wagner. Also check out the Technology Review Q&A, from which I shamelessly lifted the source image for my LOLMark above (and simultaneously flouted Linden Lab’s policy against displaying their “Marks”. Wakka wakka.) Just don’t listen to the sound clip, it’s bad audio quality and he says “Um” a lot. Not at all flattering for the CEO-to-be.

    He may not be as pretty as Philip Rosedale, but he has all the qualifications for the job: a passing familiarity with SL (although he’s going to have to make another alt now that his secret identity is out), lipservice towards businesses and the creative types, and most importantly, the “tech startup CEO” hair. Lookin’ sharp, tiger!

    But seriously, he does seem like a pretty good fit, judging from his previous experience. And his emphasis on improving user experience (including platform stability) is good to hear. He does seem to have this strange notion that he’ll be influencing how Linden Lab does things, but I’m sure Philip will get around to letting him know that the job actually only entails travelling, giving talks, and writing feel-good blog posts at random intervals.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 10:50 am


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