• 05Apr

    Lately, it has felt like there has been a blog post every day about some problem in that certain virtual world. But I was curious: is that feeling accurate? Have there been issues daily, or does it just feel like it because sore points stand out in memory?

    So, I looked over the blog posts for the past month, picking out posts made about unplanned service interruptions and other unexpected system troubles. It’s important to note that I’m not including things like planned rolling restarts, planned downtime for service upgrades, or other planned service outages.

    But before I list the results, I want to preface them by saying: my purpose isn’t to bash the company behind that certain virtual world, nor the grid monkeys or other peeps who work there. I’m not suggesting that they are slacking off or incompetent — to the contrary, they have been reasonably prompt about both reporting and relieving (however temporarily) the issues. I salute the grid monkeys, and hope they all get 2 weeks vacation once this is over.

    My purpose here is this: to put a spotlight on the climate of longstanding frustration that hangs over our beloved virtual world. Service interruptions are one component. Bugs and crashes another. New, user-hostile policies from the legal department yet another. It all adds up to a frustrating experience for users.

    Now then, let’s look at the day-by-day look at blog posts about unplanned service issues for the past month, in reverse chronological order:

    As you can see, my gut feeling wasn’t wrong: there have indeed been service issues of some sort every day nearly every day for the past week-plus. Some days have had two or even three separate issues, while only ten days of the past month have had no issues posted. It averages out to just over 1 issue per day for an entire month. And that’s only counting issues that were widespread enough to warrant a blog post. There have been numerous localized issues such as individual sims going down (sometimes repeatedly), brief spurts of asset server slowness or failure, and others. As the innkeepers say, *sigh* Times are tough…..

    All this is to say: It’s not easy to be loyal to that certain virtual worlds company these days.

    But we try. Some of us do, anyway.

    And now, because I don’t want this post to be a total downer, is the good news: H4 and WL have both come to fruition recently, and with them come hopes of fewer sim crashes and better client performance (not to mention increased sexiness all around). Dazzle is coming up soon, and although not everyone likes the new style, everyone should appreciate the fact that it’s just the first of many steps towards a cleaner, more organized, and easier-to-use interface. The Architecture Working Group is coming up with new, more robust ways to run the grid that should (hopefully) keep things running smoother in The Future.

    See? It’s not all bad. You just have to look up from the waist-deep mud we’re in now, and see the purty rainbow on the horizon. ;)

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 11:01 am

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  • Sougent Harrop Says:

    You’ve confirmed my general feeling that lately the company who shall not be named has been having issues most every day for the past few weeks. Certainly some of those issues are related to the new server upgrades and possibly internal upgrades behind the scenes to the asset servers and such. What I’d like to know, and of course can’t, is how many were due to the “provider” and that infrastructure, which is beyond the control of “The Company”.

    I am glad that they appear to have the comments off on the blog now, at least it saves from reading about how the forced update of the viewer and recent updates of the server have caused this and how the viewer doesn’t work and how this is an evil plot against us. ;)

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  • Shawk Pertwee Says:

    I’m not sure thats mud.

  • Nacon Says:

    “Dazzle is coming up soon, and although not everyone likes the new style, everyone should appreciate the fact that itís just the first of many steps towards a cleaner, more organized, and easier-to-use interface”

    Uhh…. no, they only change the “skin” theme…. The interface layout didn’t change at all.
    You never tried Dazzle yet, haven’t you? ;) …And yeah, I hate Dazzle’s theme, it’s too bright for me.

  • Jacek Says:

    @Nacon: I said it was the first step, not the final result. In fact, the Dazzle project has not simply changed the skin, they’ve also improved the UI code under the hood. As a result, it will be easier in the future to make functional changes to the UI (e.g. organizing and making it easier to use), and easier for users to make custom skins to replace the glaringly bright new skin. ;)