• 01Apr

    Every once in a while, Linden Lab announces some new policy that makes me stop and think: “What is happening to the SL I once knew?” Second Life just isn’t the thriving, creative world that drew me in almost 2 years ago.

    You’ve seen it, too. The steady march as Linden Lab changes from its freewheeling trippy hippie culture to the gray, legalistic, impersonal corporate culture. LL is tearing SL up by the roots, and alienating its long-time supporters, the people who have made Second Life worth living.

    We’ve suffered through some objectionable moves before. Cory Linden being fired for his Pastafarian views. The Windlight, Havok4, and Dazzle projects stripping Second Life of the old tools that got us this far. LL’s refusal to deal more harshly with those despicable content thieves that are tearing the shirts off the backs of content creators and forcing them to pose nude for posters advertising content theft.

    All those things I could tolerate, if only out of nostalgic longing for the Second Life that I once knew. But Linden Lab’s latest move, I simply cannot abide by.

    I am referring, of course, to Linden Lab deliberately replacing Ruth, the very token—nay, the true trademark of Second Life.

    Ruth was something that every Resident could identify with, most often on weekends during heavy asset server load. She reminded us that deep down in our hearts, no matter how much we spend on greased-up super-photorealistic skins and flexisculptyprim hair, we’re all just a short, awkward woman that waddles like a duck.

    Ruth was the last vestige of our cultural heritage, the last thing I could hold on to and remind myself, “This is the heart of what it means to be in Second Life.” With Ruth being killed off, I can’t stand to log in to this virtual sham-world. It’s too painful; the login screen says “Second Life”, but it bears little resemblance to the Second Life I knew and loved!

    Therefore, I’ve made the difficult decision to log out of Second Life permanently. My inventory and estate will be divided among my numerous secret alts: Gwyneth Llewelyn, Philip and Torley Linden, Lightwave Object, Tateru Nino, two-thirds of the furry population, and that guy who griefed Anshe Chung with the prim genitalia that one time. To the few SL avatars who are not under my control, I’d like to say goodbye, and thanks for all the squid.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 11:28 am


3 Responses

  • Dolmere Talamasca Says:

    OK, I don’t care who you are! That’s funny right there!

  • Frans Says:

    Me Alt Catherine Linden will miss you. Flipper and Frans on the other hand will party on your abandoned land.

  • Nacon Says:

    Oh now now…. it can’t be that bad. It’s a cloud….

    I agree, it’s everchanging SL but… there were few good changes, like extra groups… windlight… Havok 4…. uhhh whatever, it’s just a cloud. We all hated the Ruth shape. I’m tired of having breasts. :P