• 14Feb

    Kissing Squidogram Multipacks

    Wowzers, Squidograms are selling like hotcakes! I guess people must like the slimy personal touch that comes with expressing your love via cephalopod courier! And really, who can blame them for that?

    Anyway, in response to the fantastic demand for squiddy action (see, I knew I wasn’t the only one!), and to save you guys from Repetitive Stress Injury in your mouse-clicking finger, I’ve set out Squidogram Multipacks! Now you can buy 5 or 10 Squidograms in one shot!

    But remember, these loverly Kissing Squidograms are only available through today! (Actually until whenever I wake up tomorrow morning/afternoon.)

    So tell that special someone how much they excite your neural fibers and make your chromatophores quiver and dilate with glee!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 3:03 pm

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