• 04Jan

    Attention, readers: I’m looking for an enterprising geek to OGLE my avatar — that is, to capture the 3D mesh of my avatar shape.

    I will pay L$ or USD$ for a mesh capture of my avatar. I have the following modest requirements:

    1. The final result must be in Wavefront OBJ format.
    2. Will pay extra if it has UV texture coordinates intact.
    3. Attachments and skin textures not needed.

    If you can do this for me, please leave a comment, IM in-world (Jacek Antonelli), or email (jacek.antonelli ~ gmail.com).

    [Update: The ever-cutetastic Patchouli Woollahra very kindly OGLE'd my avatar. Thanks, Patchi!]

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 11:50 pm

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