• 31Dec

    Let’s have some lists. Everybody loves lists!

    Awesome news from LL:

    • 3. Sculpty prims. Everyone celebrates with new fruit, genitals, and fruit-shaped genitals.
    • 2. Open sourcing of the client. 2007 starts off with a bang. Nicholaz consistently kicks ass throughout the year.
    • 1. Windlight Firstlook. Ooh, so smexy. *licks*

    Lame news from LL:

    • 3. Exit Cory Linden, stage left. Second Life’s already-shakey backend tech hangs in the balance.
    • 2. Gamblers and ageplayers begone! Linden Lab clamps down on sinners, but hides true motives (which are probably more about business than morality). Residents asked to spy on and report their neighbors.
    • 1. Age-verification and new login system. Your RL personal information and SL login details put at risk by ill-conceived, shoddily-implemented systems. Linden Lab shrugs and says, “Quit worrying so much.”

    Personal events of note:

    • 4. 2007 is the year of the chibi! (I made a handful in 2006, but their popularity rose dramatically this year.)
    • 3. Sold out adorable cartoon character, opened my own SL store. My days as shrewd business mogul start. (Yeah, right.)
    • 2. Submitted a dozen patches to the viewer client, most of them UI-related.
    • 1. Drifted away from some old friends, bumped into some new ones.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 8:30 pm

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