• 29Dec

    Step 1. Issue a security notice on the blog, with a fixed installer. An example is provided below:

    Dear German Second Life Users,

    There is a security issues in the German language login screen which could result in your precious login name and password being sent to a third party, namely the operators of the sdfsfsfds.com domain name.

    And no, we didn’t catch this until Massively.com reported on it. Yes, that means it’s been out there for over a week now.

    Yeah, we screwed up bad with this one. The programmer responsible for this gaff, and the entire QA department, have been hit on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper and will receive no Scooby snacks this week.

    If you use the German language user interface in Second Life, please download the fixed version [insert link to new installers here].

    Non-German language users are not affected, and may continue using Second Life without worry of any bugs or security problems as normal.

    How not to handle it: pull the Release Candidate and Windlight Firstlook versions, stop logins from those versions, and make everyone cry. Now we know you goofed the German login and panicked when someone found out.

    By the way, SL users, if you have a version of the previous Windlight ( lying around, you can log in with that instead. At least as of this writing.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 4:19 pm

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