• 25Oct

    Like a lot of US-based Resis I know, I turned on my television last night for the much-hyped CSI: NY episode featuring Second Life, and it was pretty much what I expected—in a mostly-good way. The action was intense, the plot was plausible enough (for a TV crime drama show) that I could suspend my disbelief, the SL tie-in was halfway clever, and they threw enough bones to the Resis in the audience to earn some chuckles.

    In short, it was rather entertaining.

    Was it a 100% accurate portrayal of SL? Not a chance.

    Was their portrayal of SL more accurate than their portrayal of forensics, the criminal justice system, computer technology, and the world in general? Oh, yes.

    But none of that matters; it’s a crime drama, not a documentary. Somehow, they make even lifting fingerprints look sexy, cool, and action-packed. Likewise, they did their best to make SL look sexier, cooler, and more action-packed than it really is. (Heck, with the right background music and some quick camera cuts, even a scene of Gary Sinise sitting down to eat a bowl of pea soup could make your heart pound in suspense.)

    But enough about the show; let’s talk about the SL side of things.

    You might be wondering if the in-world crime mystery games were half as entertaining as the show was. Well, I really couldn’t tell you; the whole thing was so dependent on streaming media with Quicktime playback—a feature which we Linux users are hard to come by yet—that I didn’t even get past the introductory briefing. There was a bit of action, though: my client died trying to play back an MP3 from an apparently-nonresponsive Electric Sheep Company server. (By the way, SL crashes aren’t as sexy in real life as they look on TV, either.)

    As for the growing fears of the Grid imploding under the pressure of an anticipated 10,000+ new users in one night… well, from what I’ve seen, it didn’t happen. I had no trouble logging in yesterday evening or today, and teleports and other grid services have been as well-behaved as can be expected these days. Apparently, some technical difficulties (perhaps overloaded file servers?) stopped a quite a few would-be-newbies from actually downloading the viewer and getting in-world, so we’ll likely see more of a steady dribble for a few weeks than the flood-of-Biblical-proportions that people were gnashing their teeth about beforehand.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 11:56 pm

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  • Susan Reynolds / SL Tynan Clary Says:

    You know – I can’t pick on a thing you said. In fact I am trying the new viewer the ESC put out to go along with this event and I’m finding it smooth and – though not familiar – maybe something that new users might find really much easier to use.

    My Teleporting has been glitchless and I havent had any trouble signing on, though I haven’t been there for long periods of time. I’m actually quite hopeful that this could mean good things about LL’s planing ability. . . .or something positive in any case.