• 07Oct

    No, no. This isn’t about dressing my avatar in drag. It’s about moving my avatar around by clicking and dragging on it!

    Today, I was messing around with the llDetectedGrab() function, which returns a vector telling which way someone is pushing or pulling on an object. I’m planning on using it for controls in some upcoming projects, so I wanted to get a grip on it (pun intended).

    So, I put a script in a box, and tried using the vector in various different ways. The first, way was simply to move the box around; that was enough to confirm my suspicions about how the numbers worked. Then I went on to try changing the color of the object, based on the vector. When you drag it along the X axis, it turns red; along the Y axis, green; along the Z axis, blue. If you drag it along multiple axes, it turns some combination.

    Then, I was showing it to Chrysocolla and hya. The land was no-rez, so I improvised by wearing the box on my head! Then I got the idea that I could allow other people to drag my avatar around, by pushing myself based on the vector. So, some scripting later, Chrysocolla was dragging my avatar and throwing her against walls and other hard things. Ouch!

    Here’s a composite time-lapse snapshot of the brutality:

    Drag My Avatar

    Overall, it was very silly.

    UPDATE: hya passed out poking sticks, so I got my revenge.


    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 1:07 am


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