• 22Sep

    Vint Falken has a very good tip for SL photographers who want to hide poseballs and other obstacles from a composition without time-intensive photo-editing.

    But, she opines:

    Note: Iíve tried this on avatars and prim clothing and it does not work on those. Bummer. :p

    Well, glorious day and jubilations, because I’ve found a way that it will work! Just toggle on `Client > Character > Character Tests > Allow Select Avatar’, and you’re ready to go! You can now select avatars and their attachments — and so, in combination with the `Client > Rendering > Hide Selected’ option, you can hide them!

    Here’s an example: This annoying avatar was absolutely ruining my composition:

    Shot With Avatar

    So, I selected her and her prim hair, thus dramatically improving the quality of my snapshot!:

    Shot Sans Avatar

    Unfortunately, to hide the avatar and all attachments, you have to manually select each attachment (luckily not each individual prim!), which can get tedious!

    Fortunately, with the `Allow Select Avatar’ option turned on, you can just select the offending avatar and move it (along with all its attachments) somewhere else where it won’t be in your way! The movement is client-side only, so if the avatar moves (walks, turns, jumps… animation movement doesn’t count), the server will send an update to your client and the avatar will pop back into its old position. But, it should be enough to get your shot in!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 3:28 pm

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