3 Responses

  • Torley Says:

    That looks like a GUILD NAVIGATOR from DUNE!

  • courtney thompson Says:

    i want a cuddlefish! how can i adopt one??

  • Jacek Antonelli Says:

    Hi courtney. The actual animal is called a cuttlefish (with T instead of D), and they don’t really need adopted — that’s just my cute title to go with the image, since the shape of its eyes make it seem kinda sad and lonely to us humans.

    Acquiring and keeping cuttlefish is *much* more involved and complicated than keeping a cat or dog. It’s more like keeping a rare tropical fish: you need a properly sized aquarium, which you must clean regularly, with water kept at the right salt level and temperature, and plants and rock structures for them to hide in, etc. And cuttlefish like to hunt their food, so you’d be giving them live, creepy crawly crayfish-like things, not boring old food flakes or pellets. The whole process is not for the faint of heart or people with only casual interest.

    But, if after that warning you’re still genuinely interested in having some pet cuttlefish, here’s a good place to get more information:


    Or if you’re having second thoughts, you can just do what I do: watch cool cuttlefish videos on YouTube! :D