• 20Aug

    Tentacolor Preview

    Funny how the tiniest little remarks can inspire the most interesting ideas. I was chatting with Chrysocolla Rau in SL yesterday, and the conversation turned to the topic of tentacles, as conversations with me are wont to do.

    Chrysocolla (perhaps prompted by my last name, Antonelli) mused that the Italian word for ‘tentacle’ is probably quite wonderful. Despite my name, I am neither Italian nor fluent in the language, so I looked up the translation: tentacolo (pl. tentacoli).

    One tiny mental connection later, the concept of “Tentacolor” was born! I worked feverishly lazily into the night to produce something to show this remarkable Tentacolor. The image above is one frame out of a psychodelic, hypnotic, tentacolored animation. When finished, I’ll put the movie up on YouTube or similar, for the enjoyment of all!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 1:00 pm

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