• 24Jul

    Here’s the skinny: I’m looking to gather a small community of SL content creators of all types and experience levels. What for? To foster creativity and innovation in SL content, and have a good time doing it!

    • Get friendly feedback, tips, and suggestions about your works-in-progress!
    • Be inspired by seeing what other people are making!
    • Teach or attend workshops to hone your skills or broaden your horizons!
    • Challenge yourself and make the best content of your Second Life!
    • Meet interesting and creative new friends!

    More information and fewer sentences ending in exclamation marks, after the fold!

    This is an idea I’ve had in my head for a while, in various forms. I first thought of a long-term series of building classes, meeting with the same students week after week, like a RL course. Another idea was a mentorship program: taking young newblets under my wing, teaching and challenging them to guide their learning, the Mr. Miyagi to their Daniel. Another was an apprenticeship program, like the artisan guilds of yore. But each of those was missing something: the teaching was just going one way, from teacher to student, master to apprentice. I wanted something where everybody would grow and learn, even me!

    From past experience, I knew several things:

    • Creativity stagnates in isolation.
    • Seeing what other people create often gives me inspiration to create my own things.
    • Working and interacting with someone else helps me see things from a different perspective.
    • Teaching or explaining something to someone else helps me solidify my own understanding of it.
    • Knowing that other people will see my work helps to keep me from slacking off.
    • Historically, communities of artists interacting and working in proximity have yielded fantastic results.

    Thus, the idea of a community of SL content creators, working side-by-side and interacting with each other. But it sounds so serious when I phrase it that way, so I prefer to call it a play-group: just a bunch of creative people meeting regularly to play around and have a good time!

    There was just one problem: me sitting alone on my mushroom and poking at a torus doesn’t count as a community. I’d have to get other people involved. But who?

    Well… you, maybe, if you’ve read this far and you are (or have interest in being) a content creator of some type: building, scripting, fashion, texturing, animating, etc.

    But the thing is, this is supposed to be a small, close-knit community. I’m talking 5 or 10 people, tops. I’m not looking to form a huge mass of people who don’t get along together. That means I’m going to be somewhat selective about membership, to keep the size manageable and ensure peaceful co-existence. It may fill up fast if a lot of people are interested, so please contact me (Jacek Antonelli) in-world or leave a comment if you’d like to participate!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 12:13 pm


3 Responses

  • Chrysocolla Says:

    I support your ideas, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    But really, I less-than-three this idea!

    I dun know how you’d do the selecting, though; all that interpersonal chemistry stuff is so unpredictable. If you have too many people, maybe the overflow could go in pods, er, no! Cells, like terrorist cells. Only… without the terrorism.

  • Cala - Super Calamari Says:

    I would not only join this enthusiastically, I know many other like-minded builders & scripters who would really enjoy this.

  • Aenea Nori Says:

    I’d love to participate as well.

    The issue may be a matter of also being able to coordinate times for the group — I know that I’m mostly a night-shift person, so that may be a difficulty when it comes to regular meeting times.