• 16Jul

    Tonight, I went to the Oldbie Blitz Build event at NCI Kuula! I didn’t have any plans, but one of my former students (and now a very talented NCI instructor in his own right), Locke, made an announcement in group chat, and I just happened to see it!

    The theme was “Space”. We had 40 minutes to build something using 40 prims or less—so, quite a different scale than the rules I’m used to from Building Shelter, 10 minutes and 25 prims. I had a ton of fun building! A couple days ago, I had noticed that I hadn’t done much building for fun as of late, so this was a great opportunity to dust off the ol’ torus-twisting finger.

    Here are the entries after the 40 minutes were up. Can you guess which one is mine?

    Oldbie Blitz Build Entries

    If you said, “That twisty, colorful one in the corner, of course!”, you’re right!

    It’s a fun and relaxing build to look at, especially with the sun set to midnight (World -> Force Sun -> Midnight)! Several slowly-spinning swirly shapes to stare at, plus lovely luminous light-prims to lure you in! It’s called, “The Colour Out of Space”, after the short story by H.P. Lovecraft. Thankfully, unlike the titular essence of the story, my build won’t slowly consume the lifeforce of everything nearby!

    I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, so I’ve set it up in my garden:

    The Colour Out of Space

    Want to see it for yourself? Please drop by my garden in Hallasan and take a gander!

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