• 10Jul

    Ever wanted to make an androgynous/intersexed/nonsexed avatar? Perhaps a robot, or an alien, or just a plain old tomboyish girl or slightish guy?

    There’s no good reason why the Male/Female avatar control has to be an either-or affair. It’s the same base mesh in both cases, so we could morph between the two shapes in the same way that all the other avatar sliders morph between two (or more) variations.

    The one technical issue that would need to be resolved is certain “sex-specific” sliders: the breast size, gravity, and cleavage sliders for women, and the discreetly-labeled “package size” for men. The simplest solution would be to hide/show them based on which half of the “gender spectrum” the avatar is on. A better solution, i.e. one which offers more choice to the user, would be to always show all the sliders, regardless of the sex of the avatar. (Plus, I bet the newbies would get a kick out of making brawny men with thick beards and voluptuous breasts, as their first adventure on Orientation Island.)

    The best solution, of course, would be to forego having male and female base shapes at all, and instead define a selection of qualities of the body which contribute to someone appearing masculine or feminine. (Of course, there would be “Man” and “Woman” presets, for users who don’t want to spend a week getting their avatar just right.) But it’s too late for that, unless we were to scrap the current generation of avatars and start over—a worthwhile but substantial endeavor; the type of endeavor that people are given jobs and paid salaries to do.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 11:54 pm

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