• 10Jul

    Do. Not. WANT.

    After hearing accounts from people who have been able to do more than just look at a screenshot, I’ve realized that I was wrong: the Communicate window is not sexay. It’s an abomination, a Frankenstein’s Creature of communication methods!

    Ok, ok, maybe that’s being a bit dramatic, but it seems that the reality of it isn’t up to par with the glowing possibilities in my ever-optimistic imagination!

    “Do. Not. WANT.” was too good to pass up, but my view is more accurately represented by the following lollisms: “Your Communicate XML. Please to show me it.” and “OH HAI I’z just fixin ur UIz.”

    (I just hope they don’t make it too hard for us to revert to the old UI. Toggle buttonz plz kthxbai.)

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 4:39 pm


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