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  • Alexander Lapointe Says:

    While I will agree that the new UI window has a great feel to it, it’s main downside is that it takes up a whole hell of a lot of space. Granted it can be sized down, but if you are trying to follow a multi-user convo then it has to be pretty large to be able to read the log well.

  • Alexander Lapointe Says:

    Argh! Stupid habits. “its main downside”

  • Dolmere Says:

    I so hate the new communicate window. I will miss the separate friends window. I will miss the chat history window. It will take some getting used to – to be mild about it.

  • Jacek Says:

    @Dolmere: Whoa, you mean Communicate /replaces/ the friends and chat history windows? That’s just criminal! I assumed that it was a new alternative. Is there at least an option to disable it?

  • Tenebrous Pau Says:

    There’s a tear-off button… you can tear-off individual IMs, or you can tear-off the main chat and make it work like it used to.

    Window still far too big tho :)

  • Coyote Pace Says:

    [sexay Communicate window] if you like it, you’ll be the first I’ve heard from personally. I know there’s some cognitive dissonance at work, but even that aside — it’s bulky, oversized and unwieldy for doing things in parallel that were easily done in the current interface.