• 26Jun
    • At first, I didn’t think the pie-menu-edit crash affected me, but I was able to crash when I tried the repro on the PJIRA.
    • Just reading that there was a new crash when entering edit mode was enough to make my stomach tense up with anticipated guilt. I had a Victor Frankenstein moment: what sort of monster have I created and unleashed upon the world? Fortunately, I haven’t seen anything to suggest that it’s directly related to my patch. Phew.
    • In this version, I can walk and fly around with the edit window still open! It doesn’t close (and thus forget what I had selected) just because my avatar moves anymore! Yay!
    • Even when I uncheck Client > Character > Character Tests > Go Away/AFK When Idle, my avatar slumps over when I minimize the viewer or switch to a different virtual desktop (which effectively minimizes the viewer). In previous versions, my avatar would stay upright and respirating. This is a disaster: now people will be able to see how little attention I’m paying to what they are saying! (Seriously, though, I do a lot of multitasking between windows, so I hope this gets fixed soon.)

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 6:29 pm


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