• 25Jun

    “Edit Linked Parts” Menu Item (new in!)

    You might notice a new entry in the Tools menu for SL Edit Linked Parts!

    That’s right, the feature I added back in March and submitted to the JIRA has now made its way into the official client release! The menu item works just like the checkbox in the Build/Edit floater, allowing you to switch between editing whole linked sets of prims, or editing the individual members.

    Not good enough? You want more?

    Well then how about I tell you guys how you can add your very own keyboard shortcut… in just 3 easy steps?

    1. Open the Second Life/skins/xui/en-us/menu_viewer.xml file in your favorite text or XML editor.
    2. Go down to line 695 (or do a search for “Edit Linked Parts”) where it says shortcut="", and type in your shortcut between the quotation marks! For example, to bind it to Shift-L, you’d type in shift|L!
    3. (Re)start Second Life, and enjoy!

    A word about the format for shortcuts: Put the modifier keys first, separated by the pipe character, | (Shift-Backslash, above the Enter key). The standard order for modifiers is control|alt|shift, but I’m not sure the order matters too much. For Macs, “control” means the Command key.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 11:12 pm


4 Responses

  • Aenea Nori Says:

    Jacek, I love your posts where you talk about modding the interface or inserting shortcuts into the client. Unfortunately, in my Mac-ness, I am unable to find the relevant .xml files that I need to modify (I’m still desperately seeking to use the shortcut for Midnight that you posted months ago!)

    Do you have any idea where I might find these files in the Mac directory structure? Thanks!

  • Jacek Says:

    @Aenea Nori: From poking around with the Mac client, here’s how to get to the XML/XUI files:

    1. Locate the Second Life.app file (probably in your Applications folder)
    2. Ctrl-Click Second Life.app, and select “Show Package Contents” from the menu. (The .app is actually just a folder with a specific way of organizing the contents so that it can be run like an executable.)
    3. Navigate to “Contents/Resources/skins/xui/en_us/”, and you’ll see the XML files! Yay!

  • Aenea Nori Says:

    omg omg omg

    I hadn’t seen your reply. I’m trying this as soon as I get home!

    Thank you!

  • Eileen McCallister Says:

    Wow, thank you so much!
    I used this trick to shortcut Reset Scripts in Selections to alt/ctrl/S.
    And it works!!
    That saves me a lot of time.
    I only just found Jacek Lives (*blushes*) but it goes right into my All Time Favorites – map.

    (Now, what if I make a button out of this…..* starts reading next tut*)