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    Hamlet Au of New World Notes has posted an interview with Daniel Linden regarding Linden Lab’s recently announced policy of censorship; I blogged about that announcement yesterday, as did a great many other concerned Residents.

    In the interview, Daniel Linden describes the basis for Linden Lab’s policy decisions: the feedback from the “Community”:

    The Community actively defines what is and is not acceptable in Second Life by providing feedback to Linden Lab via Abuse Reports, blog commentary, forum discussion, and other communication channels. Linden Lab sets standards and acts in-world according to the expressed wishes of the Residents.

    If Linden Lab bases its policy on the feedback of Residents, then we need to make it perfectly clear that this intolerant policy is offensive to us, as free citizens of the world and the Grid.

    In order to “express my wishes” as a Resident, I have filed an Abuse Report against Daniel Linden for his display of gross intolerance against specific groups based on sexual preference—a display which runs directly against the Community Standards’ tenet against intolerance.

    If you care about this issue too, report Daniel Linden’s flagrant violation of the Community Standards and let Linden Lab know that you consider this gross intolerance to be an offensive behavior!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 9:03 pm

2 Responses

  • Pete Sellery Says:

    I’m telling Daniel. Keep it up, you’ll get banned for being Against Safety.

  • Tino Says:

    Daniel used to work for a news periodical. Tell him his prose is poor. When he said that his edict was “always” he lied. LL doesn’t have the guts to simply announce a CS change, they have to pretend that it was always this way.