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  • Torley Says:

    You should do a regular webcomic, your stylized illustrations how do you make them? They’re great! Glad you aren’t disconnecting so much anymore, that’s so frustrating (similar things have happened to me).

  • Jacek Says:

    @Torley: How do I make them? With loving tender care! (And sometimes loving spanks with a riding crop.)

    I use Inkscape for 99.9% of the production, then export them and do a bit of finishing (usually just resizing) in GIMP. The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files that Inkscape uses make it very easy to re-use objects and characters, move and change their poses, and so on. Yay, SVG! It’s made from XMLs, so you know it’s good for you!

    If you want to know more about the process, just ask! (I’m writing up a post about it already… but ask anyway! It makes my day! :D)

    As for doing a regular webcomic… I dunno. Maybe. I like the spontaneity I have now—no planning or deadlines to worry about, I can just sit down and bang one out in a couple hours when inspiration strikes.

  • Torley Says:

    @Jacek: Ahhhh so you so use Inkscape! I’ve heard good things about it but haven’t touched it yet. So… you could turn these smaller pictures into WHOLE POSTERS! Yes, and I shall ask… how did you hear about Inkscape in the first place, and what compelled you to use it over other vector drawing products?

    And… purrhaps an “irregular webcomic” then! Mwa-ha-ha!