• 13Apr

    Three travelers came to a split in the road as they were walking together in a hilly country.

    The first traveler said, “We come to a choice. Which path shall we take?”

    The second traveler thought a moment and said, “If we take the wrong path, we will look like fools.” The third traveler nodded, saying, “Of course. We must be absolutely sure to take the best path.” So the two hesitant travelers sat down in the middle of the road and began to guess and debate as to which path would take them to their destination most swiftly.

    The first traveler, being more venturesome than the others, rolled his eyes and started on the first path. After following it for an hour, he came upon a large boulder that blocked the road. Seeing no way to get past it, he shrugged and walked back to the place where the road split.

    When he got there, he saw that the other two travellers were still there, now arguing and throwing dirt clods at each other. He said to them, “I’ve tried the first path, and found it blocked. We now know which path to take, and the issue is decided.”

    The hesitant travelers stopped their fight and looked at him, aghast. “Aren’t you terribly ashamed, because the path you chose was the wrong one?”

    “No,” the venturesome traveler replied. “Aren’t you, because you did not choose any path at all?”

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