• 10Mar

    Hey, you! I’m teaching a class about a weekly building topic of my choice! This week is the first ever session of the class (since I had to cancel last week’s), and I’m super excited!

    So what’s the topic this week? Aesthetic Lighting!

    Come learn the dos and don’ts of using Second Life’s local lighting feature to enhance the atmosphere of your builds!

    That sounds pretty friggin’ awesome to me! I’m especially looking forward to the opportunity to show people how to make glowing objects that don’t blind everyone in the room! (Yes, that’s right, I’m teaching a class on how to be a little subtle, ‘kay?)

    Come learn how to make pretty lights and avoid being a nuisance to society on Saturday March 10 from 6-7PM PST at NCI International! It’s free!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 2:24 am


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