• 10Mar

    Goal: Make the “Profile Cut Begin and End” spinners visible in the Edit window while editing a Box, Cylinder, or Prism. Currently it only shows up for Torus, Tube, and Ring (and under the name “Dimple” for Sphere), but the setting does have a useful effect on Box & friends. I also wanted it to only show up when I turn on the the “AdvancedMode” preference that I added.

    Obstacles: Few. Mostly just making any sense of the gigantic almost-totally uncommented functions.

    How to accomplish the goal:

    1. Modify LLPanelObject::getState(), around line 816 of ‘indra/newview/llpanelobject.cpp’ (the file that controls the Object tab of the Edit window), to make the ‘advanced_cut_visible’ variable TRUE if Advanced Mode is enabled.

    Rewards: It is now much more convenient to torture Box & friends to make them very thin. No need to swap to other prim types to do the job!

    Required knowledge:

    • How preferences work (for Advanced Mode)
    • How XUI works

    I’m already done with this feature. It was pretty easy to add! (I’m totally on a roll today!)

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 11:43 pm


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  • AllieKat Stovall Says:

    oooh ooooh, oooh, oooooooooooooohohohohoohhooh!!!!! i want it lol. i would love to be able to use that feature on future builds…*pant pant* how do i get one? lol