• 10Mar

    Open source is all about sharing what we learn! I have been helped in the past by this wonderful process, and I have found that it gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside to help keep it going by being helpful and sharing with the world! Yay! Hugs for everyone!

    So, since I have been spending a fair bit of my time during the past couple days digging around the code related to Second Life viewer client user preferences, I’m sharing what I found out, to help those who come after me! Thus I present to you a guide for Second Life viewer code hackers (i.e. programmers): How Preferences Work! I hope I have saved some other people a little bit of work that they would have to do to gather the knowledge in that guide!

    By the way, you might be curious about the purpose behind my researching how preferences work! Here is what’s floating around in my head: “Advanced Mode”, a preference that advanced SL users can turn on to get rid of some of the crutches and barriers that have been built into the tools to protect the newbies from themselves. Stuff like how “Transparency” only goes up to 90% in the edit tool, even though it’s trivial to make it go up to fully transparent. It’ll also act as a global toggle for any features that I add that a) significantly modify the way existing things systems work, and/or b) probably shouldn’t be enabled by default for all users.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 2:12 am


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  • Aenea Nori Says:

    The Transparency-goes-to-100% thing seems trivial to implement in the Windows client, but the XML file isn’t immediately available as far as I can tell for the Mac client. I’d love to do this!