• 25Feb

    Despite what you may see written on the restroom walls, I’m actually a very classy person!

    In fact, I’ve been teaching an Advanced Building class every week at NCI since September! And now I have exciting news: I’m offering 2 more classes per week, both on building-related topics! Come get yer extra learnin’, they’re all free to attend! Class descriptions after the fold!

    Advanced Building: Power Tools Thursday from 6PM-7PM PST at NCI International!

    Build faster and more easily with two very useful but often overlooked building tools!

    • Align prims quickly and accurately with the Create Copy tool! Explore its options and uses, plus discover its shortcomings and how to work around them! Any architect worth their salt should know how to use this tool!
    • Achieve more control (and convenience!) when moving and rotate prims with Ruler Modes. Learn what Ruler Modes do, and how and when to use each mode… including the elusive Reference Mode!

    Advanced Building: Prim T&A Friday from 5PM-7PM PST at Usability Island!

    Explore prim types and attributes to create shapes you never knew were possible in Second Life!

    • What are all the prim types, and how are they related to each other?
    • What attributes do prims have, and what do they do?
    • When and where is each attribute useful, and what limitations do they have?

    Advanced Building: Topic of the Week Saturday from 6PM-7PM PST at NCI International!

    A one-hour building lecture/workshop with a different topic each week! Check Jacek Antonelli’s profile for this week’s topic. You may also request a topic via IM. Topics will be chosen no less than 3 days prior to the event.

    I’m ‘specially pumped about my TotW class! I’ve got so much stuff to teach, and now I can teach new stuff every week! Yay!

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