• 23Feb

    If you are an Avatar over 3 days of age, chances are that your viewer client has been, at one time or another, abandoned by a sim. Maybe the sim crashed, or perhaps your internet connection was disrupted. Whatever the cause, your viewer needs to cope with its feelings in a healthy and constructive way. Yet, if a sim crashed tomorrow with your avatar in it, your viewer client would resort to nothing less than simple denial.

    It will go on, pretending that its connection with the sim is still active. Nearby avatars will keep dancing or typing, so that you might not even suspect anything is wrong. Even as the viewer’s console messages reveal its inner-most fears and doubts, it will hide all outward signs. This behavior is not healthy; it only delays the inevitable period of cleansing and renewal that must occur when you intervene by restarting your viewer and reconnecting to the Grid.

    The signs are all there. Packets stop arriving. The sim refuses to acknowledge the viewer’s messages for over a minute. Hovertips on objects display, “Retrieving…” and never load.

    Please, viewer client! For your own well-being, don’t try to sweep it under the carpet! An on-screen notice admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 11:35 pm

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