• 18Feb

    Dixie Starr, Extraordinaire calls on us to ponder: What will Second Life be like… in the year 2009!!?

    Witness as I gaze into my crystal torus to see… the future!!

    In the year 2009…

    • … a pioneering young programmer from Germany adds flexi-spheres to the viewer client. As a result, all avatars have oversized jiggly prim boobs, including — nay, especially — the male avatars.
    • … the police blotter is phased out. Instead, all violaters are forced to wear The Codpiece of Shame for 2 weeks. Second Life experiences a 73% drop in abuse incidents almost overnight. Philip Linden continues to wear The Codpiece in daily penance for all the trouble the Grid has ever experienced — for which, as it turns out, he actually was responsible.
    • … all textures, including colors, are phased out in a move intended to prevent copyright and trademark infringement. The Second Life economy suffers for several days until sex ball makers make the leap from the traditional “pink and blue” to the new “gray and grayer”.
    • … Second Life celebrates its 6th anniversary with a month-long event on the theme, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The party draws 17.2 million avatars from around the world—over 5 million more than the previous year’s similarly-themed anniversary event.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 8:33 pm


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  • Dixie Starr Says:

    Haha. You left out Internet Radio Stations are no longer allowed in SL and to ensure no media copyright enfringements streaming video is no longer supported. When all these changes are added up, Linden Labs realizes that they no longer need to support the Server portion of the their software and only ship the client. Second Life is renamed, “Solitary Life” as it is only played on the client. But, due to the fact that people are no longer bothered by having to interact with other avatars and can be as self indulgent as they care to be, Linden Labs points out that Second Life has past the 10,000,000 user mark according to their research.