• 13Feb

    Like many of the other people who have already responded, I’ve been burnt out on some particular part of SL at once time or another. And I know for certain that I have felt burnt out while in SL. But I’m not sure if I was burnt out on SL, or burnt out about something else while I happened to be in SL.

    You see, I’m a creature of change, and I have to move from project to project quickly or I become bored and apathetic—not just with that one project, but with other things in my life, too. So if I get burnt out on something in RL, my mood tends to carry over into SL, and vice versa. As I’ve come to know this about myself over the years, I have been careful to monitor my mood, identify anything that is bothering me, and make a change to fix it.

    I can distinctly remember, when I was merely a wee newblet crawling my way around the Grid as I drew sustenance from the Shelter, that I had concerns that I was spending too much time in SL. Like many other new Residents, I got hooked, and wanted to spend as much time as possible exploring this marvelous new world! I knew that if I kept it up, I would burn out and get sick of SL.

    When I (inevitably) started to get tired of SL, and couldn’t think of anything to do, I cut back on the hours I was spending in SL, and paid more attention to the things that interested me in RL.

    I have, from time to time since then, noticed myself spending too much time in SL. When that happens, I take a little bit of time off, or just cut back my hours for a while. So far, I’ve always come back to SL, and always found it more enjoyable and interesting than it had seemed before.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 8:28 pm

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