• 11Feb

    The question for consideration this round:

    Have you ever burned out on Second Life?

    By “burn out”, I mean “experience fatigue, frustration, or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, or intense activity.”

    Basically, have you ever just got sick and tired from too much SL? What happened? How did you deal with it?

    I’ll post my own response soon.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 7:43 pm

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  • Merle Widget Says:

    Yes. I left, that’s why nobody saw me from mid-July until November. I didn’t really intend to come back as soon as I did but I got really bored one day and.. well, heh.

    It helped.

    Well, to be fair SL wasn’t the only source of stress at the time either. Dunno.

  • Torley Says:

    Yes, I was certainly burned out on Second Life several times not *all* of it, but a certain portion.

    And what part is that, you might ask?

    Instant messaging and a lack of privacy.

    Simply put, before we had the new controls added not too long ago, it was a struggle for me to be online, ‘cuz I’d often get flooded in a torrential downpour of IMs. It was very painful because I kept hashing out ways to communicate my busy-ness, but wasn’t terribly effective.

    What’s tough with IMs is, if someone sends ya one, they have no visual cue as to what else you’re doing. So they’re like noisy, chirpy, harsh cellphones at times, when they come in droves. It’s kinda like some flocks of birds: one is cute, too many is a Hitchcockian nightmare.

    But through the privacy controls and new Web profile tab to share more about myself, I’ve made things somewhat saner. And regained energy to focus on work I need to do, and the play that comes after that as well.

    It took me some months to realize these fundamental truths, but when I came to grips with them, my eyes opened wider, with keen awareness, and I realize I don’t have to feel badly for concentrating on what I’m doing inworld.

  • Mera Says:
  • Dolmere Says:

    Manual trackback in action :) An excellent question, Jacek. It certainly made me type and retype :)

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