• 23Jan

    Another post? It’s like a post overload!

    I’ve set up a local subversion (svn) repository to manage the viewer source code as I make revisions, allowing me to easily save old versions, view what I’ve changed, and revert to the older version if something bad happens. It’s not accessible over the internet (at least not yet), which means that it is of very limited usefulness to other people. But hey, I know how fun it is to read about what other people are doing that doesn’t really affect me personally, so now my readers (I think I have some of those? Maybe I’m thinking of lemurs.) can enjoy the same luxury.

    Here’s the plan for repository layout:

    • linden — contains the most recent vanilla source code from Linden Lab.
    • jacek — contains my tinkered source code.

    You might be wondering why I would maintain a directory with the untouched source code, when I can always revert any changes that I’ve made. My reasoning has to do with managing changes to the linden branch and merging them into my own branch as needed. When a new version of the source comes out, I can update the linden branch, see what changed, and apply those changes to my branch—without overwriting any changes I may have made to the same files.

    I might also make more branches off of jacek if I ever decide to implement something that takes a really long time to code, then merge the changes back when I’m done.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 12:02 am


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