• 22Jan

    Not to toot my own horn in public, but one of my images for the UI Abstraction Photo Contest won first prize! I thought that was pretty neat. It was this one:

    Welcome 1

    There were a metric ton of other really awesome images in the show, in a surprising variety of styles! The social phenomenon that is Torley submitted some images, and they were pretty awesome, which is natural, seeing as how Torley is to UI abstraction what Rembrandt van Rijn was to portraiture. I even use a mash-up of one of Torley’s pics as my desktop wallpaper. Not to mention Torley’s texture packs—they look really cool on a nice twisty torus! And there is a new pack out that I have to run out and get! And the songs, oh so many wonderful songs (especially lovin’ the piano fantasies)! *gush* <3 We all love Torley! <3

    (Hey, that’s like 3 posts in one day. This is starting to turn into a blog or something. What the cube?)

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 7:51 pm

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