• 22Jan

    You know that really loud and annoying typing sound? The one that plays whenever anybody starts to chat? The one that used to ruin in-world live music events? The one you muted all sound effects to get rid of?

    Yeah, you know the one. Well guess what: you can replace it with the sound effect of your choice, or just get rid of it entirely. You don’t even have to change any code in the viewer source; we could have done this all along. (Which really rubs salt in the wound, doesn’t it?)

    Here’s how:

    1. Enable the Client and Server debug menus with Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D.
    2. Client > Debug Settings (second entry from the bottom)
    3. Type or find “UISndTyping” in the drop-down menu box.
    4. To get rid of the typing sound: clear the text entry box at the bottom. To use a different sound file, paste its UUID into the text entry box. (You can get a sound’s UUID by right clicking it in your inventory and choosing “Copy Asset UUID”.)

    That should save the setting to your user_settings.xml file:

        <!--Sound file for starting to type a chat message (uuid for sound asset)-->
       <UISndTyping value=""/>

    This only changes what you hear from your own client, which means everyone else will hear whatever they set. And best of all, you won’t hear typing from other avatars, either! Now that’s music to my ears!

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 6:03 pm

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